Ways to Lift Your Mood

When life gives you lemons, make an orange juice and leave the world wondering how you did it.

Life is going to come at you with bad days, bad moods, bad moments, bad experience, and bad memories that threaten to tie weights to your shoulders and bring you down. At every given moment in life, we are presented with the opportunity to choose – light or dark, right or wrong, happy or sad.

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Why you should keep a journal?

“Keeping a personal journal a daily in-depth analysis and evaluation of your experiences is a high-leverage activity that increases self-awareness and enhances all the endowments and the synergy among them.” — Stephen R.Covey

If I would estimate , I’ve bought and started upwards of 20 diaries or journals. I was obsessed with this image of me: A Journal Girl. I remember in high school, I have diary, a planner, wattpad content notebook, and sketch dream journal, they were all kept in my cabinet and every time I see them, I read, and it feels like I am talking to my old self.

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How to Get a Great Start to Your Day?

It’s difficult to begin the day on a positive note, especially if you’re not a morning person. The moment we open our eyes, we can do one of two things, we can either hop out of our bed or hit that snooze button. We sleep at night and wake up in the morning with new opportunities and chances, but we all know that starting our day happy and excited isn’t easy for most of us. Continue reading “POSITIVITY RULE No. 1”

COFFEE READ: What’s Next?

Be the first to know what’s next after graduation

First time. Do you still remember the first time you walked in your dream university? The first time you got an A and a failing grade, the first time you have experienced to live in a dormitory, the first time you go in a group study and all of the first times that if you look back, all you can say is “I did it!” After those desperate hours, non-stop coffee drinking, sleepless nights, hours of reading, and after your professors have given you all they can, it’s going to come down to you alone, beneath the glow of your reading lamp, behind closed windows and doors wondering, panicking and crying out for answers, been caught unprepared, at the end of the day, you still has the guts to begin a new journey.

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Get to Know The Aspirant Bella

Hello! Welcome to my blog! I just want this to be a welcoming post and share it to you what blog contents of The Aspirant Bella would you be expecting.

I’m a twenty-one-year-old bella, working in a Law Office in Quezon City. Like most millennials my age, I feel that being an adult in Metro Manila isn’t smooth sailing. Also, I’m not rich or anything. I commute to work, I walk for ten minutes to tipid and exercise as well hahaha, packed my lunch and meryenda and all. So true to my word, this will be the most basic guide for adulting and how to rock it! Here, I want to detail or impart knowledge and experience for what its like to be an adult in our generation — with limited time, resources, and in coffee talk feels.

Feel free to add, comment, and suggest in the comments section!

Yours truly,

The Aspirant Bella


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